As is set out in this corporate plan, we are committed to delivering on and describing the outcomes of our achievements. To ensure we reach these outcomes in the ways described will require careful and robust planning and evaluation. We must ask ourselves:

Are we on target?

If not, why not and what can we do to effect positive change?

Has our environment changed, or do we expect it to change?

What are we hearing from service users, carers, registrants, employers, education providers and other stakeholders?

Are we using feedback in a meaningful way?

Are our actions in the annual Business Plans taking us on the right trajectory – do we need to modify what we are doing?

Have we delivered what we said we would deliver?

Evaluating what we are doing is not a one off exercise or just part of the annual reporting mechanisms which are in place. We are confident that we have the skills, ability and enthusiasm to deliver this plan and we will use this plan as a living document keeping us focused and responsive in delivering our agenda.

We will use this plan, delivery and evaluation model over the next four years and report our progress through our Annual Report and on our website. We will encourage all stakeholders to engage with us throughout this process and continue to value the feedback, challenge and support provided.