In November 2015, NISCC began a creative conversation about the nature of care in Northern Ireland in the future with a range of individuals, groups and organisations. We asked people to consider how, collectively, we can achieve the vision in the face of uncertainty.

We adopted a five step approach to help us consider the current and future service delivery context for social workers and social care workers as outlined here:

Step 1

Key literature review and horizon scanning, creation of data workbook


Step 2

Development of scenarios for the future describing the possible nature of care in NI in 2025


Step 3

Development of our change model through our “we asked, you said, we will” approach


Step 4

Testing and agreeing strategic priorities and proposed activities with our partners


Step 5

Review of skills, capacity & resources to deliver plan


We asked, you said, we will…

we asked

We explored, with a range of individuals and represented groups, three questions that formed the basis of what our future might look like, including the services we provide and what factors might influence that picture. These scenarios were:
  • What will social care look like in 10 years’ time?
  • What does NISCC need to do to support the workforce to deliver the social care of the future?
  • What is driving change in social care?

you said

As part of this process, we spoke with representatives from a range of interested groups, including:
  • Service users and carers
  • Registrants
  • Employers
  • Education Providers

We will…

We have taken these five themes and framed them in this corporate plan. The corporate plan will cover the period April 2017 to March 2021, a period of four years which is in line with the NI Assembly’s programme for government. We have thought through the themes and considered what success would look like if we effected the change and what we would need to do by way of strategic actions to ensure we are on the right track to achieve the change required.

We have set out these outcomes and strategic actions in the next section of this corporate plan and these will be the focus of our energy and commitment over the next four years. Alongside this corporate plan we have published our annual business plan (for 2017/18) which provides the detail of what we will do in year one towards the achievement of this corporate plan. We will build on that year after year to ensure we are continuing to do the right things in the right way, and making change where that is necessary.

We will ensure we have the rights skills and resources to deliver and will keep all stakeholders engaged throughout the life span of this corporate plan. This corporate plan and our supporting business plans will be reviewed on a regular basis and we will share our progress through a range of communication channels.

NISCC Corporate Plan 2017-2021

Download a copy of our Corporate Plan