The changing nature of social care and the complex environment within which we work require both a robust and adaptable system of workforce regulation.

With the support of the Department of Health (DoH) NISCC has made good progress in key areas; introducing a new Fitness to Practise model of regulation, developing Professional in Practice to underpin continuous professional development in social work, completing the policy on the regulation of the social care workforce, and supporting key partnerships with registrants, employers, education, training organisations and service users and carers.

The overall vision for NISCC focuses on protecting the public, safeguarding vulnerable people and ensuring confidence by those who use social care, the wider public and the workforce.

To achieve our vision we must work to enable change through a genuine partnership with community groups and individuals who use services, the workforce of today and tomorrow, key stakeholders across the system and policy makers.

These changes will lead to more trust and understanding from service users and the public about the standards associated with the social care workforce. It will also help us move towards an evolving, positive culture of continual learning and development within the workforce.

Through our work over the life of this plan, and through the work of others, we expect to see the social care workforce becoming more confident and skilled in using new knowledge; applying new ways of working that focus on personalised and compassionate care.

As the social care workforce regulator our core activities will focus on standards of conduct and practice, working to see that they are applied consistently across all areas of social work and social care practice, improving public protection and improving quality and outcomes for people who use social services.

We will work to ensure the integrity of social care workforce registration is maintained on an ongoing basis and there is trust and confidence in the Fitness to Practise process.

The five strategic themes

NISCC should put Standards at the heart of social work and social care practice and education and training, to support the delivery of effective social care services both now and in the future.

NISCC should ensure regulation is robust, agile, valued and trusted, to support good social work and social care practice.

NISCC should support the development of the social work and social care workforce to enable them to deliver safe, effective and value led care.

NISCC should promote a systems leadership approach to contribute to capacity building that will support leadership at all levels.

NISCC should ensure there is effective and meaningful communication and engagement, to improve the understanding of what NISCC does and the value of the social work and social care workforce.

We will increase our capacity to collect and analyse workforce intelligence, building a stronger evidence base to influence workforce planning and support future facing workforce development.

“improving quality and outcomes for people who use social care services”

NISCC has an important role in helping to maintain positive relationships through our approach to systems leadership.

We will work with Government, DoH Office of Social Services and others across organisational boundaries, and with people who use services and with carers, on the basis of a shared ambition, working together towards solutions. We commit to developing these leadership characteristics in our work, brokering new knowledge, ideas and relationships across the care system in Northern Ireland.

We are uniquely placed to work across the whole system in building, energising and strengthening a collaborative environment that will drive positive change.

In developing this plan we have engaged with a broad range of stakeholders to help us identify NISCC priorities and align them with the key drivers for social care in the coming years.

We used their feedback to model scenarios to shape our strategic direction within a changing environment.

Our Corporate and Business Plans have been developed using an outcomes based approach ensuring we can clearly demonstrate the benefits of regulation and standards for the social care workforce and underpin the contribution of social care to improving and safeguarding the wellbeing of individuals, families and communities.

Business Plan 2017-2018

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Communications Strategy 2017-2021

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