Our Vision

Improved standards in social work and social care.

Our Purpose

To protect the public and safeguard service users through the regulation and development of the social work profession and the social care workforce.

Our values


we are committed to excellence in everything we do


we respect the rights, dignity and inherent worth of individuals


we are a listening and learning organisation – working in partnership to ensure what we do makes a difference


we are honest and work in an open and transparent way

Structure and Leadership

To support the delivery of this Corporate Plan over the next four years, NISCC needs to ensure it has the right infrastructure and leadership in place in the following areas:


NISCC will ensure it is an employer of choice, and will employ, develop and retain hard working, skilled staff  who are committed to delivering quality services.


NISCC will deploy its resources within robust and accountable governance frameworks to ensure it delivers value for money and is capable of delivering its commitments over the next 4 years.


NISCC will deliver all its business against good governance best practice to meet its statutory, legal and professional obligations to ensure it provides safe and effective regulation to help protect the public and safeguard service users.


NISCC will develop and demonstrate a strong position on quality improvement through the Quality 2020 Attributes Framework to ensure quality improvement is fully integrated in all aspects of its business.


NISCC will make better use of technology to develop and invigorate systems, including IT systems that are focused on those who use its services and can enable stat  to focus on front line services.